Cloud Strife from FFVII in #2 requested by nimrodelle

Ravi of VIXX in #29 requested by kimwonshriek
Hyuk of VIXX in #74 requested by anonymous

N of VIXX in #6 requested by aclockworkleo.

Rocket Raccoon in #8 requested by dorkianpavus.

Ren of NU’EST in #4 requested by faerietaeil.

Leo of VIXX in #7 requested by anonymous

This is the uncropped version because I like to save the originals to this blog. I thought the cropped one looked better on tumblr, though.

Sanageyama Uzu with #17 requested by anonymous
Hongbin of VIXX by krissasaur

N of VIXX by krissasaur.

This time instead of making it look muddy and dark, my scanner went for a more neon look? I don’t know what is up with that. I am finally getting a new camera soon, so HOPEFULLY that will fix this color issues I have been having!
ALSO IT IS NOT LEO. I DIDN’T DRAW LEO. WOW. I wanted to draw Ravi, but looking at him… He has one of those faces that I just know I wouldn’t be able to do justice. I may try sometime, but I usually have a good feel of faces I wouldn’t be able to draw. N ended up being fairly easy, but it may have just been a fluke.
Leo of VIXX by krissasaur.

I need a scanner that doesn’t completely butcher my drawings. And no. No. I am not over drawing him yet. I will never be over drawing him. I am addicted.
I didn’t like how it looked at first, but I keep glancing over to it and… Maybe I do like it better than all of the non-digital drawings I have done of him so far? I don’t know. hahahaha. I think it’s, at least, the one that looks the most like him.
Leo of VIXX by krissasaur.

WOW I DREW HIM AGAIN. WILL I EVER STOP THIS MADNESS? No. I have an excuse this time because it was for a letter exchange with Esra. But still, yea, go ahead and judge me.
Speaking of, I love to send and receive all sorts of mail, so If anyone is interested in receiving artistic postcards let me know? The only catch is send to receive, sorry!
Leo of VIXX by krissasaur

So I drew him again. Of course I did. I think it is an addiction… But he is, for some reason, so easy for me to draw. Or paint, I guess, in this case.
This came out 1000% better than my messy attempt with Joon. I am actually almost happy with it, to be honest. I feel so bad that Joon had to be a test subject that didn’t work out. lol
The scanner wouldn’t pick up the colors correctly, and my camera was making it fuzzy, so this will have to do. Usually pictures I take look better than how the art looks in person, but this one actually looks better in real life than on the screen. Weird.
Joon of MBLAQ by krissasaur

I combined two prompts. One was to do something in watercolors, and the other was draw a bias I haven’t drawn yet / Joon. I can’t watercolor. Sobs. Anyway.
Then again I only spent about 30 minutes on this. So maybe I shouldn’t complain.
Any tips are highly appreciated because I don’t know what I am doing when it comes to watercolors. hahahahaha.
Leo of VIXX by krissasaur.

I am assuming that this was a prompt. I neglected the rainbow part because I didn’t know how to incorporate it into the drawing without ruining it. Also I am aware that this isn’t anime!anime, but I don’t really know how to draw anime in general. I hope that it at least looks like Leo of VIXX.

It took me so many hours to draw this. Wow.Any constructive criticism is appreciated.